Monday, April 13, 2015

I know I what I want to be!

Alright, I am out of time to I'm sorry I won't write any long email this week because I used up my time responding to emails, BUT I just want to say how much I love this work!!! And I love you! AMAZING things a happening here and will continue to happen, everyday!! Miracles, everyday!
How are you going to change this week to come closer to the living Christ?? What can you do to be better this week than you were last week? What can you do to be better today than you were yesterday? What can you do to help someone this week? How can I be a better mother, brother, leader, student, employee, grandmother, missionary, PERSON??
Now, lets do it!!I
Let's repent and be better. Growth, progression, learning, becoming are all forms of repentance. KEEP TRYING. Like it was said in conference, we only fail when we stop trying! 
I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
With LOVE,
Sister Reilly

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