Sunday, March 1, 2015

line upon line!

This week had it's high's and lows like every week. But, like usual, looking back on the week, the lows actually turned out to by highs! This week Sister Suyoto and I were helping prepare Elizabeth and her son to be baptized on Sunday. We went over all of the baptismal interview questions and they were both ready, but for some reason we both just felt like there was something missing and we didn't know what it was. We prayed a lot about it and felt that we should forward with the baptismal interview and we just told the Elder who interviewed our concerns and asked if he would be a little more intense/deep in the questions. Ibu Elizabeth ended up breaking down and telling him that she has a problem with smoking (which she never even told us) and that she has tried to stop, but she feels like she is literally going to die if she does. She asked for a blessing and we are helping her to overcome her addiction, she has set a goal to be baptized one month from yesterday. She was devastated and it was really sad because her son passed his interview and is totally ready, but we feel it is better for him to wait and help his mom so they can be baptized together. Before we left, her son said "you can do it mom!" With a huge smile on his face, it was so cute! The members here are amazing in supporting her and our other investigators. We had 7 of our investigators at church yesterday and 6 of those investigators are referrals from members! There is nothing better than serving in a ward where the members are excited about missionary work! One of the investigators who came to church was Carly, our ward mission leaders girlfriend! She has been praying so hard that her family would allow her to come to church and be baptized. Last week she had a dream that she told her family she wanted to be baptized and her family accepted it. After the second time she had the same dream, she decided she was going to tell her mom. Right before she was about to tell her, Carly's twin sister started saying something about Carly learning with the missionaries and was kind of making fun of the church. Then, Carly's mom just said out of nowhere, "If Carly want to change churches, that is fine, that is her choice, she has her agency..." Carly knew that that truly was the Lord answering her prayers! So sweet! 

Mom, what you wrote in your letter this week, was actually exactly what I wanted to write about. This week I was really humbled. I realized that I was letting the WORK, be a higher priority than the most important thing, who I am as a person. Sometimes as members/missionaries get so caught up in callings, duties and the things of men. No matter how good and important those things are, they are not what is MOST important. What is most important is our personal relationship with the Lord, and the true desires of our hearts. I invite you all to take a step back and make sure that WHO YOU ARE is in accordance with WHAT YOU DO. If not, repent, and be better :) We all have hope in our Savior, he can always make us better, we can always do BETTER and be our best selves. We can be perfected in Christ, but with out own strength we literally are nothing. 
With so much love!!
Sister Reilly

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