Sunday, March 1, 2015

it feels good to be happy!

This morning we helped Elizabeth and her two boys move. The church was able to help get her into a new place to rent. We had members and missionaries helping them move all their stuff in the rain to their new place and it felt so good. As we were about to leave, Elizabeth just cried and said that there were no words to describe or nothing she could do to show how grateful she was. There truly is nothing better than helping someone in need, it was the Saviors mission. We are all in need of His Atonement, and He was willing to give His life to help us. Elizabeth and her son will be baptized next week and I know that they will be blessed beyond measure as they continue to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ and keep the promises they make with the Lord when they are baptized. We are still working with out ward mission leaders girlfriend Carly, and she is amazing. We watched the Joseph Smith film with her and she said that after she watched that she really felt that she needed to start praying more fervently to know if this was the truth. Her family does not agree with the church and her learning, and that is really hard for her. We watched this video with her at the end of our last lesson...
after watching the video she opened up and said that she had dreamed a few nights ago that she told her family about her desire to join the church and that everything was okay. As she watched the video the spirit confirmed to her again that God had answered her prayers and she knows that this is the truth and what she needs to follow. The Lord will always answer, no matter how big or small of a question or concern we have, He will help us and we will be guided by His spirit to know of the things that we need to do. I know that Christ lives, and that His gospel has been restored to the Earth through a modern prophet. I know this because I have followed the light of the spirit in search for the truth and have felt the powerful influence and confirmation of those truths in my life. It leads me to want to do good and to be better and it leads ALL to do the same. As we hearken to the promptings of the spirit in out lives DAILY, we will truly be led by and filled with light, the Saviors light. 

I love you so much,
Sister Reilly

"Jesus wants every one of us to know him because of the transforming power of that knowledge and because of the indescribable joy it brings into our lives. But the influence of the gospel is to extend beyond each individual. It is to be as a light that dispels the darkness from the lives of those around us. No one of us is saved solely and simply for himself alone, just as no lamp is lighted merely for its own benefit."Joseph B. Wirthlin

ps there were crazy floods here this week! I will send some pictures next week of the streets looking like rivers!

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