Sunday, February 8, 2015

more blessings!

It was a great week. My new comp is awesome, she's so humble and willing to learn and be the best missionary she can be. You definitely wouldn't think this is only her first week in the mission if you didn't know! She's been a member for around 10 years and she came from a really strong Muslim family who pretty much rejected her when she decided to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized. I pretty much use every excuse I can to tell people she used to be Muslim..without getting us in trouble killed of course :). Laura and Darrel were confirmed yesterday and Laura's husband, Donald, has been learning with us and seems to really like church and all that we are teaching him about the restored gospel on Jesus Christ. Please pray that he will be able to find work in Jakarta! Elizabeth and her two sons also came to church yesterday, they are a miracle. Elizabeth had an abusive husband before, they got divorced and the husband took the oldest son. Elizabeth has had some really huge trials in her life trying to provide for two children on her own. They are really poor and she sews just to get enough money to eat everyday. She has gone to many churches to try to seek the Lord and has felt that all the churches preached things they didn't live, so she stopped going and just decided to teach her boys from the scriptures at home. Long story short, a couple days after the first lesson, she texted us and asked if we could come over because she had received an answer to her prayer and knows that what we shared was true. The roof of part of her house fell in and the rain comes into her house and makes is smell really terrible, so we called the Elders Quorum President and he came and checked it out and is going to try to help get it fixed. Please pray for her and her two boys Rema and Christian. I know they will truly be blessed as they continue to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has come to church the last two weeks and will be baptized on the 22nd with her 8 year old son, Christian. Last night after church she texted us and said that she has lost almost everyone from her own family but in our church she feels like she has a new family. The Gospel truly is amazing. It brings light into our lifes. It fills people with light even if they are in the darkest of situations. The gospel is light. Jesus Christ is my light and the light of the world. I know it and I am so blessed to be able to share that message to the world. 
With so much love,
Sister Reilly

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