Thursday, October 2, 2014

be happy!

I know your bored of hearing it, but another great week. A couple cool experiences from this week. At the end of a great lesson with the Johan family we expressed that we knew it was not going to be an easy for them to leave their old church because they were strong in the church and had lots of friends there, but we promised them that their family would be blessed and God would help them as they followed the truth and the Holy Ghost. They paused for a minute and then the dad, Pak Johan said something that was so powerful "our family is not strong in our church, we are strong in Jesus Christ" and they want to follow HIM. They have found HIS church. Yesterday after church they asked if the Elders could come and give Pak Johan a blessing because his heart disease had come back. We went over with the Elders and as they laid their hand on his head the room was just filled with the spirit, I felt it and I know that everyone that was there felt it. The plan is for the six of them to be baptized on the 19th of October because of conference. If all goes as planned the Elders should have some of their investigators also getting baptized with them, good things are happening in Jogja! We have also been teaching a pastor of a small church here and his son and they are AWESOME and accepted the commitment to be baptized...we will see how that goes! This week my comp was struggling a bit and getting a little stressed with the language and we talked a lot last night about just enjoying the ride and being happy! One thing I've learned since becoming a missionary is that we are all going to have trials, times that are hard, people that let us down, and things are almost never perfect or just the way we want them, but it is our choice how we deal with things, our attitude and prospective is OUR choice. Are we going to let these things get us down, or are we going to put a smile on and just say "come what way and love it." I know that no matter what trial we are given, it is for our growth, and as we come to the Savior with our troubles, our sorrows, our mistakes...we will be given strength and peace of mind and heart. Men are that they might have joy! I know that the greatest joy comes through following our Savior and living His gospel to the fullest. I am so far from the person I hope I can become, but i know as I pray and try to become better and more like my Savior everyday, and help those around me do the same, I can some day become like Him. We can become perfected in HIM! THAT is the beauty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I love you all, I need your prayers, but more that that, the people I am serving need your prayers, please pray for them! :)

Yes, I know I live in paradise. 

The rat is for you mom...these are our stuffed animals here

Me fixing my bike...this happens often :)

A few of our investigators

Dengan Kasih,
Sister Reilly

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