Sunday, September 21, 2014

One thing I have learned on my mission is that sadness never lasts too long! As we hold out and keep moving forward, a miracle or just something small and great will happen that changes those worried, or sad feelings with joy and peace. As a missionary, you have this new, overwhelming love for all people, and especially those you teach. Yesterday our amazing family that we're teaching didn't come to church. I was giving a talk and so I was sitting on the stand just watching and waiting for them, but they never showed and I was pretty down about it. I really didn't want that to have any effect on me having the spirit with me as I spoke to our ward though, so I said a prayer and everything went great. After church we received a text from the dad who said they were so sorry they couldn't come to church (the mom was sick). We had an appointment to go over there that night and as the appointment got closer our fellowshiper and back up fellowshiper and back up back up fellowshiper cancelled on us haha. Anyways we went and the mom had cooked my favorite Indonesian food for us and we shared the restoration with them again because we don't think all of them fully understood it yet. It was the most powerful lesson I've ever been in. My amazing comp who is still learning Indonesian was so sensitive to the spirit and at the end of the lesson she asked "We have been asking you to pray about this, to know if it is true, have you done this?" They all (in a kind of an ashamed way) said no, not yet. We testified and read a scripture about how the spirit will come into their hearts and minds and answer their prayer. We invited them to kneel and pray right then and ask, and the dad led the prayer. It was the best prayer I've heard an investigator offer and one of the strongest feelings of the spirit I have felt. It strengthened my own testimony of the truthfulness of this message. The six of them will be baptized on the 5th of October. I love the gospel, I know it is true, I know the Christ lives and he loves us, His Father hears us and answers our prayers and He will answer yours if you will but ask. 
I love you,
Sister Reilly

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