Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hastening the Work!

Great things happening this week! Pak Johans family is still progressing like crazy and I love them so much! The mom pretty much challenged the three youngest kids the other day to go on missions, it was awesome. She went around and asked them one by one, are you willing to leave everything and serve God?? haha! Yesterday they texted us after church and this was the text (they can speak english pretty well, this is from the youngest daughter) :
"Sis my uncle whose name dewa want to learn about the gospel with sister reilly and sister chapman...if sister reilly and sister chapman want to call him this is his number:..." 
They are awesome. Later tonight we are having a family home evening with them at a members house, it should be great. Also, this week one of our contacts took us around to every one of his Christian friends and had us teach them, it was about half of our day just going from house to house with him, telling all his friends about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ...it was awesome. Imagine if each of the members did this with the missionaries...are you ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ or are you willing to open your mouth and share it with everyone? I hope we can all be like Paul when he wrote this in Romans 1:16 
"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth;"
The power of God unto the salvation of every man has been restored to the Earth, we have it, and we must share it! I love my Savior, I feel overwhelmingly blessed that He is willing to let me take a part in HIS WORK. The call has been given for us to all take part in His work, will we answer to the call to HASTEN the work or will we continue in the way we always have? I know that as we pray to be lead to those who He has prepaired, He will, and we will be able to see lives change, families change and our own hearts will be changed in the process! 

I'm tanner than the Indonesians... :)

The coolest fam ever! (three of Pak Johans kids)

This was going on outside our house yesterday..

Sister Reilly

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