Monday, August 25, 2014

Such an awesome weeks in Jogja! I'm training a white girl...that's definitely quite the experience, but I'm loving it. We are the same height so we definitely stand out around here. So yesterday at church we had 9 non members!! The best part was that they were not all our investigators either, members brought their friends and it was awesome, our gospel principles class was full :). The members in Jogja are the best, I love them so much. Living in our new house has been interesting, but good. The neighborhood isn't quite adjusted to two tall white girls living next to them yet, when we are studying there is a bunch on little kids looking through our windows and calling out for us haha! And people think it is so great that me and Sister Chapman run every morning (Indonesians typically don't run). Everyday when we leave our house everyone around asks us, where are you going? Come to my house! Indonesians are the best.
We visited one of our investigators this week, Pak Mahatmawadi (we met him 3 weeks ago) he had finished the entire Book of Mormon (including the topical guide) and had started over and is in 2 Nephi..we were shocked! Earlier that morning when Sister Chapman and I were planning we role played giving the baptismal commitment and I told her if she felt the spirit telling her to, to give the baptismal commitment to Pak Mahatmawadi when we met with him. It was her very first day and she is still learning Indonesian, but she did it, and he was awesome. She is going to be an amazing missionary. We are really excited about the work that is going on here. 
This week I was reminded again and again of the importance of eternal families. Almost all the churches here teach that when we pass away, and go to Heaven we are not going to know each other, we are not going to be with our families again. When we are able to testify of the truthfulness of eternal families, it gives people hope. I know that families can be together forever. Because of the blessing of temples of God, we can be sealed to our families for time and all eternity. I know that this is the Saviors church and this gospel is the way for families to find true happiness in this life and for eternity, I have seen how it has changed families and how it has changed me and will continue to change me. We can become better everyday through the atonement of Jesus Christ, hearts can be changed, families can be changed as we become perfected in Christ. I know these things are true and I know that all who have these truths have the responsibility to share it with all! I love you all!
Sister Reilly

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