Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Great week...but still no camera so no pictures, sorry

{For those of you who don't know, Sidney got her purse stolen by a motorcyclist who snatched it while driving by. Her camera and flash drive with all of her pictures on it were in there so that's why she hasn't been able to send pictures :( ...}

So I forgot to tell you guys something from last week! Sister Jibson called me before she left Malang and told me that Pak Yakub's wife is getting baptized! I didn't tell you guys a lot about the situation with his wife when I was in Malang because it was a pretty sad story, but basically she was having an affair with someone else, and they were just still living together for their son, Brayen. She was always super nice to us when we came over, but never wanted to sit in on the lessons. Anyways, Pak Yakub put that picture of the temple that we gave him above their bed and I guess after a while she started asking about it. Long story short, now they have cleared everything up and they have been going to church as a family and she is getting baptized, and they have the plan that they are going to go to the temple with Sister Jibson and I in San Diego. Man, when Sister Jibson was telling me about her I just had this overwhelming feeling of joy come over me. THAT is what missionary work is about. Having families sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. I could just feel the spirit through the phone as she told me about them. Also, another spiritual experience from this week. We were prosoliting and met a new family and something that the mom said really touched my heart. She said "I am not smart, I know that, but Christ makes me perfect." It was so simple, and so much better in Indonesian haha, but when she said that I could just really feel the spirit. Their living conditions were really not good, but they just had this light about them. Ibu Juhartono is still doing good, but their is some sad and happy news about Mas Afif (that golden investigator), He had to suddenly move to Solo for him work, but he's already met with the Sisters there and had completely stopped smoking and will be baptized in Solo and Sister Toegono will get to see him be baptized because she's moving there tomorrow! Sad that I won't be able to see it, but what's important is he's getting baptized! One of our other investigators, Pak Yohanis also has a baptismal date and is trying to stop smoking...please pray for him! He went three days without smoking and then yesterday he smoked, but I know he can do it! Okay, that's enough for this week, I will buy a new camera today so their will be pics with my new comp next week! I love you all and I love this work :)
Sister Reilly

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