Sunday, August 10, 2014

Changes in Jogja!

So the other two Sisters have left and we got two new Elders here. I've only met on of the new Elders so far, Elder Toefunga. He's a HUGE Polynesian from Hawaii, he's awesome! Me and Sister Toegono will be together until next Wednesday, and we are moving houses next Monday! It's definitely way different being in a house with just me and my comp, a lot less crazy, but it's been good and calm...maybe that's a good thing for me (I was almost always the one making things exciting in the house) haha! The work is going good! We met an awesome new family this week. When we first contacted the dad he was super harsh, but he let us in his house. I asked his how many kids he had and he was like, what does that have to do with anything, if you have a message to share then just share it. haha! Anyways after about like 5 minutes in his countenance just totally changed and he told his wife to come listen and he just had these awesome questions and comments! We were just shocked! By the end of the lesson they were asking when we could come back and also telling me that when I go home not to forget them and to bring my family to meet them! Talk about a 180! The things the spirit can do!! It can truly touch peoples hearts. It is THE ONLY WAY to teach and share the gospel with others. Speaking of...Ibu Juhartono has a baptismal date!! August 30th! We are sooo happy :). AND Mas Afif has gone from smoking a pack a day last week to as of yesterday 3 cigarettes! We gave his the goal to stop completely on the 16th and we are going to talk to president Donald, but hopefully he will still be able to me baptized on the 23rd! Our new member, Pak Muji has some struggles this week! All his kids got together and don't want him coming to church or us coming to his house anymore. We went over to just explain to him what his kids said and he had no idea. Anyways, he was just like...well if a member can't take me to church anymore and if you guys can't come visit, I am still going to come to church every week! I will take a taxi or some other form on transportation, but what is clear is that I'm coming! ...He is LEGIT!! Also, church yesterday was so great because 5 of our non active members that we have been teaching came to church!!! THIS WORK IS THE BEST. I love it and I love you all! Please pray for the work here and especially for Mas Afif and Ibu Juhartono! They need all the prayers they can get :) The church is true baby!
Sister Reilly

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