Monday, August 4, 2014


Yup, I'm still loving it! This week we met an awesome new investigator, Afif! We ate at this little stand on the side of the road and before we left I just happened to give a restoration pamphlet to one of the guys that was working there. He had on jeans with holes all over them and looked like he hadn't slept in days actually. Later that day he texted us and said he wanted to know more about what he read in that pamphlet. Long story short, he is from a different island and was Muslim since he was a kid, but he moved to Java about 6 years ago and started learning about Jesus Christ and started going to church. He was often moving to different cities for work so he had to keep going to different Christian churches and he said he was just so confused because all of them would teach different things! Anyways he came to church yesterday and cried after sacrament meeting and said he knew he had found the true church, what he was searching for...can you say GOLDEN? He's awesome! He has a baptismal date for the 16th of August!! Also, the other day we just happened to swing by a members house that lived in an area where we were proselyting and she had one of her friends over, they hadn't seen each other since high school and they happened to meet on the street the other day. We ended up teaching her a little bit about our church and yesterday she came to church and the Sister who brought her bore her testimony, it was great! We are going to keep working with her and her family! Ibu Juhartono is awesome! We are teaching her and also her younger sister and they are both awesome. Pak Juhartono received the priesthood yesterday and is helping both of them learn and prepare to be baptized! We are getting a new house!!! I'm so excited! So my companion and also the two other sisters are moving out of Jokja. On August 20th it will be me, my new companion that I'm training and then 4 Elders in Jokja. We are moving out of the house we are in and moving into a smaller house. President Donald is having us find the house, so we've been looking around and we found a perfect one :) It's clean and it's right in front of a big rice field and coconut trees, I'm more rats, hopefully :) I can't say enough times how much I love my mission and am grateful for the miracles I see everyday! FAITH is the key!! I know without a doubt when I get on my knees with my companion and PRAY WITH FAITH to help us find those who He has prepared, help us reach our goals, fill our mouths with what we need to say, and lead us by His spirit, HE WILL HELP US. I know it, and I see it everyday. I love this gospel, it is true and it is the answer to every question\problem. It is the way to true happiness! If you have not yet heard about it, go find some missionaries and let them tell you about it...if you already have it, go find your friends and share it with them! Shout it from the rooftops baby!!
Sister Reilly

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