Sunday, May 18, 2014

Arema for life!

I'm moving from Malang...! I can't believe I'm leaving Malang, I feel like this is my home and the branch here is like my family. I will miss it so much and I will never forget the miracles I have seen here. Yesterday there was branch counsel and it was amazing to see how much the branch has changed and grown. The members have caught the spirit of missionary work and I love it! I know that the Lord called me to serve here and he has called me now to serve in Jokja and I am going to serve Him with everything I have wherever he calls me. I can't wait to see more miracles in Jokja and allow the Lord to use me as His instrument in finding, teaching and baptizing there! This week has been super busy and awesome! Pak Yakubs whole family had a party and invited us over. Almost everyone of his siblings asked us to come to there house this next week and we are so excited! They have 6 kids in the family who are all married and have families and we will be teaching 4 of the 6 families! So exciting! Also, Ibu Ari has been inviting her husband to learn with us and he started this last week. He wants to be baptized with her! We moved to baptism to the 8th of June for them together. He smokes and drinks a lot of coffee, but I know he will be ready! I'm so sad I will not be able to see them be baptized, but I am so excited for them and love them so much! Yesterday we went out to Lia's house (recent convert who was baptized with Sister Suryani and I). Her whole family is Muslim and her mom has been super sick. Lia asked if we could come and have the Elders give her a blessing. It was really cool! Lia is so solid! She rides the bus 2 hours by herself every Sunday to church and now has a calling in the nursery, she's doing so awesome! Ah, this work is so great. These have been the best 6 months of my life, there really is nothing better! This church is true. I know that more than I know anything else. I know that God the father and His son Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith 200 years ago and restored the true church to the Earth through him. I know that he is a prophet of God and that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God who lives today. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. ANYONE who reads it with a sincere heart and asks God if it is true WILL come to know it is true,I promise that and I invite all to know of these truths! This gospel is the way to true happiness in this life and eternal life in the life to come. Enter in at the straight gate! I am so blessed to be able to spread this message to the people of Indonesia! I love you all!

3 Nephi 27: 33 "And it came to pass that when Jesus had ended these sayings he said unto his disciples: Enter ye in at the strait gate; for strait is the gate, and narrow is the way that leads to life, and few there be that find it; but wide is the gate, and broad the way which leads to death, and many there be that travel therein, until the night cometh, wherein no man can work."

Sister Reilly

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