Sunday, April 6, 2014

Never want to leave Malang!

Crazy and great week! Thank you for praying for Pak Yakub! We moved his baptism to the 20th of April because we are watching conference the coming Sunday at the church on Saturday and Sunday, so the ward thought it would be better if we moved it to the 20th. We told Pak Yakub that he had to stop smoking and drinking coffee completely by this last Sunday, and he did! He stopped on Friday and hasn't smoked or drank coffee since! He has so much faith and desire to be baptized. Bryan, his son has been reading from the "Book of Mormon stories" book everyday and he loved church...he is 10 and is super smart and the cutest thing ever! Sister Jibson and I love them so much! I don't know if you remember me talking about Mas Heru before, but he is one of our investigators and he is Muslim. We had just been teaching him in his Warung (little food place) because he said his wife was not ready yet, but last week we met his wife and she invited us to come and teach them at their house, so we've been teaching them there with their two little daughters and they are the cutest family ever! Yesterday, we took Lia (my investigator who was baptized last month) to fellowship with us. She used to be Muslim and is way smart...they started talking and she started quoting the Alquran and showing him how it actually talks about Jesus Christ. It was so legit! She is awesome and she really helped him understand. It's really funny when we teach him because he likes speaking Javanease and we can't speak it, so sometimes he will start mixing bahasa Java and bahasa Indonesia and we get so confused! So we've started bringing members that can speak Javanease to help with that. Mom, you asked if I've gotten sick lately, and yes I got sick last week and was throwing up pretty much everything I ate for 2 days haha but I'm good now :). Everything is great and I'm still loving everyday of my mission!

- Our favorite Opun (grandma)

- Just your everyday flood, no biggie :) camera broke after this day because it was in my backpack and it was raining like crazy. I am going to try to go buy a new, cheap camera today.

My proselyting hat! I wear this when we do service and people love it. All the Indonesians wear these when there working.

 This week please pray for:
Pak Yakub
and Heru's family :)

Thank you!! I love youuuu
Dangan segenap hati,
Sister Reilly

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