Friday, January 9, 2015

Shout out to the greatest dad in the UNIVERSE, Keith Reilly! Happy 32nd Birthday! Also can't forget my Gma Gail, Happy Late Bday!!

Jakarta is amazing! Such a great week!! We have some awesome people preparing for baptism in January, including Laura and her son :). They were on a different island for Christmas and New Years, but are back now. We also had our favorite investigator, John, show up at church yesterday and my comp and I were so excited because he lives like 2 hours from the church and wasn't able to come last week! He's 70 years old and the coolest guy ever! He has 6 kids who are all still not married and living with him and his wife. He was looking for something to help his family..the gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer! He has a baptismal date for January and is hoping his family will also want to follow his example. We have seen too many miracles to count this week. We have met some of the most prepared people ever, it is amazing how the spirit will just lead us to these people. One is Ibu Lussy, her husband and son died 13 years ago and her life has not been the same since. She was active in the Catholic church but nobody from her church bothered to come by and help her or even call. She was alone to raise two kids by herself and a hate just grew inside her for people around her. She stopped going to church and just goes on Christmas and Easter now. She let this all out to us after we taught her about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She said without the Lord she wouldn't have been able to endure all these years. She normally let nobody into her house (she actually has a giant pitpull in front) but she let us in and felt the spirit through our message and how through the gospel of Jesus Christ families can be together forever. I just has this love for this women even though we just met her. I know this is what she needs and is looking for in her life. I know the Christ lives and that only through HIM we could feel free of feelings of hate, anger, sadness ect. He is the answer. He knows us and knows how to help us in our struggles AND in our successes. His atonement is not just for the sinners, but for the pure in heart. I cannot express more gratitude for the gift that out Heavenly Father has given to us all, the gift of his only beloved son, Jesus Christ. I love Him and I love you!!
Sister Reilly
Go Cartingggg! You already know I destroyed all :) (Elders & Sisters)

Me not liking the Jakarta before everything! 
New Years! (Don't tell pres. D we woke up) :)


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