Sunday, December 28, 2014

Joy to the world!

Great week! I got to see the greatest fam in the world, and hang out on google :). Great things are still happening in Jakarta! For the second time in my mission I saw the Elders in my ward get a baptism yesterday, so sweet! Great way to finish this year. Our mission has seen so many miracles this year and will see even more next year! And it's because of FAITH! Our bishop called on Saturday night and asked if I would give a talk in the Indo ward the next day so I ended up giving a talk in the English ward, teaching gospel principles, and then giving a talk in the Indo ward! I never thought I would be so excited about giving talks..but on a mission I love it because it's an opportunity to get the ward more fired up about missionary work. We have got some super awesome member referrals this last week which we are so grateful for. This week we had a really cool experience. I met a man on the bus and talked for a bit about our purpose and message and then we exchanged numbers and got off. Anyways we ended up meeting at the church a few days later with him, his wife and his son. He is Muslim and just told us that he sees something different in followers of Christ and wants what we have. The lesson was really powerful and at the end the member who was fellow-shipping with us offered the prayer and asked if we could all hold hands, something I've never done before on my mission. The spirit was really strong as she offered the prayer and the mother just had tears streaming down her face afterwords. The spirit is real and the only way for someone to feel of the truth that the Son of God came into the world, atoned for mankind, and that in and through Him we can receive peace in this life and eternal life in the life to come. This year my testimony my Savior Jesus Christ has been renewed again. I feel closer to Him than ever before. I love Him. His truly is a plan of HAPPINESS. I am Happy because of His gospel and the opportunity to share it with my bothers and sisters in Indonesia. I could not have asked for a better year. 
I love you all and pray for you all!

With all my love,
Sister Reilly

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