Monday, November 24, 2014


So sorry about last week, things have been crazy! So I just moved from what now seems like a small city,Jogja, to the most populated city in Southern Asia, Jakarta! I saw so many miracles happen in the little ward I was serving in. Our sacrament meetings went from about half of the chapel being filled to there not being enough spots to sit! The Lords work in definitely hastening here, our mission has almost doubled the number of baptisms from last year, and it's so sweet to be a part of it. So Jakarta is seriously crazy, there is just so many people to talk to and there is never a boring day. 

I love my comp!!! So basically her and her comp were doing nothing here over the last 3 months, after this week she just straight up told me, they were just sleeping in and trying to do the least amount of work possible and she felt super bad actually. I had never felt better on my mission than how I felt last night. I have never been more tired in my life. WE WORKED LIKE CRAZY this week, talking to everyone on buses, walking miles everyday proselyting and I can't even count the miracles we have seen. My feet and legs hurt, but I've never been happier! 

We are over two wards here, and one is an English ward, but there's only like 50 people in it and there has only been one convert baptism in 2 years! Missionaries have just kind of ignored that ward and only focused on the Indonesian ward, but we are going to make a change! We've been praying and fasted that we would be able to help strengthen that ward and find Foreigners to teach (there are tons here). We made an appointment to meet with the ward mission leader who was kind of discouraged because of the lack of help from missionaries, but we told him our plan and he's excited to get things going! We seriously saw miracles this week and have met some really awesome people to teach, the Lord seriously just put them right in our path. One night before we headed to our apartment we just stopped and prayed that we would be able to find someone to teach who could be in the English ward. Less than 5 minutes later we met Jon, he is from Africa and he has been looking for a church, but doesn't speak Indonesian so he didn't know where to go...that's a miracle. Okay I'm just realizing this is way long..I'm just stoked on this work! After being in Jakarta for a week, this is already my favorite place to work. There is so many opportunities here and I can't wait to see what is going to happen in the upcoming weeks and months! 

The Lord hears our prayers, he listens and he answers! Pray out loud, pour out your heart to HIM, prayer truly is our greatest tool in life! I love my Savior and I feel His love for me and my brothers and sisters around me everyday! 

Sister Reilly 

Houses and meals like these exist?! Perks of the English ward!

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