Monday, October 20, 2014

gooooood stuff!

Good week in Indo! BUT sad news...I'm moving in 2 weeks! To Jakarta I gooooo! So i thought I would never love any place more than Malang...but I love Jogja more! I am supposed to move on the 6th on November, BUT I am trying to get Pres to let me stay until the 9th because that is the Johan families baptismal date...THAT THEY CHOSE THEMSELVES. They are ready to make a leap of faith! We've been a little frustrated this last week because they love learning and they love the gospel, but they just didn't want to have a date set for baptism. Pak Johan just kept saying...ya a date can always be changed, we can be baptized anytime, we want to keep finding the truth...yada yada yada. Which is all really good, but they just didn't have that sense of urgency. So we hit them with "Your 4 Minutes" talk from last April, and that touched their heart. I love that talkbecause I can relate to it! It talks about Olympic athletes preparing their whole lives for ONE 4 minute race. 4 minutes to show what they've got. If they make one mistake, they are done. THIS IS OUR FOUR MINUTES. We lived with our Heavenly Father before we came here, we were prepared and ready to come to Earth, we knew the plan and knew what we had to do to return to Him. This is our time to perform, our short time for us to show our faith, this is a test. Just like Olympic athletes have certain maneuvers they have to do, we too have certain things that are essential for our salvation, we have commandments we must live. We must be baptized by someone who holds priesthood authority from God, we must receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and so on. We never know when our 4 minutes are up, and we have to be ready. 
The difference with us is, no matter how many mistakes we make, no matter how many times we fail...WE CAN START OVER, we can be lifted, cleansed, healed by the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I can not explain my gratitude for my SaviorI have felt of the ENABLING POWER of His Atonement in my life. I have seen it change others lives. It is real and it is there for all who come unto Him. I know that full access to the blessings of the Atonement are only available through HIS restored gospel. One of our investigators texted us this week and told us that he could not learn anymore, that he wasn't ready to change and become "true" (can't quite translate what he said into English). We weren't going to give up on him that easily, so we went over to his house. Long story short, he has been living with guilt for so long for something he did in his life. He explained that whenever he tries to change, he goes back to the same bad habits and he just felt like he had no hope. We told his that this gospel is what he needs. THIS GOSPEL IS WHAT WE ALL NEED. It is the answer. Feelings of guilt, remorse, sadness can and will be swept away through Jesus Christ and His gospel. I invite anyone who has not yet, to learn of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and see the changing power it will have in your life. It is real, and I am so grateful I can share it with all. 
I am so happy. I am happy because the gospel brings happiness into my life. Be happy!

Sister Reilly

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