Monday, July 21, 2014

Miracles Every Week!!

News: There was an earthquake last week, but more importantly...Pak Muji and Pak Juhartono were baptized on Saturday!!! We've been praying so hard about Pak Juhartono and what else we needed to do to help him feel ready to be baptized. He was so ready, but he just kept telling us, not yet. We taught a really powerful lesson with him on Friday and then church last Sunday was awesome and Sister Toegono and I prayed and fasted for him on Saturday so that he would be able to feel the spirit telling him he was ready to be baptized. We always meet with him on Tuesday at 4, but we couldn't get a hold of him without a phone to confirm our appointment, so we just went over to their house at 12 and his wife, Ibu Juhartono said he had been up all night reading...then Pak Juhartono came out and said that he was just about to call us and see if we could come over earlier and we just showed up! We sat down and the first ting he asked was "when is the next baptism?" Long story short, some things happened and he just started studying the scriptures for answers and he said the whole time he was reading he just kept having this feeling/hearing a voice in his head saying "your ready" Ah, I love this work. I Love my Savior and I know that God is real and is a God of miracles! Ibu Juhartono didn't feel ready to be baptized on Saturday, but I have no doubt she will follow Pak Juhartono and hopefully the rest of their family as well. It was one of the coolest baptismal services I've been at. President Donald has asked us to try and hold baptismal services on Saturday rather than Sunday so that they can be confirmed the next day in sacrament. The reason baptisms were on Sundays here was because members would just not show up on Saturdays, but so many members came to support Pak Muji and Pak Juhartono, it was amazing! The chapel was almost full! (the chapel is small but still!). This week Sister Jibson sent me this awesome talk on the atonement that just blew my mind. I've also been reading "Jesus the Christ" and I feel like we can continually learn and study about the atonement. It was, is and will forever be the single most important event in the history of the Earth. Everything we do should revolve around that event. I get to be a representative of Jesus Christ here in Indonesia and invite others to fully partake of His atonement and see how it can and will change their lives as well as their family's life. This is Christs church, we have a prophet of God who lives and receives revelation from God for His church and for mankind. This is truth. I know it and I will do everything I can to help others know it. 
Sister Reilly

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