Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I believe in miraclesss

Such a sweet week! We met some of the most awesome people this week that have seriously been prepared to meet us! I saw more miracles this week, then Brayen, Pak Yakub's son, is going to be baptized next week and we are hoping that three of our other investigators will be baptized on the 18th! Also, the first counselor in our branch president's wife is not a member and he has been pretty against missionaries teaching her, but we have been visiting and just serving her because they just had a baby boy and now we are starting to teach her and her whole family also, it's great! There are so many awesome things going on in Malang! Sometimes the best way to open someones heart to the gospel is just serving them first! Three specific people we met this week were Pak Christian and Ibu Ari and her husband Pak Momon. Best first lessons EVER! They were so prepared to hear our message and searching for the truth and willing to act. We are so excited about them! And the crazy thing with both of them was that if we hadn't been in an exact place at that exact time we never would have bet them. It is so crazy how the spirit is able to guide us in this work. When we teach by the spirit, we don't have to think about what we are going to say, but what we are supposed to say just comes out and the spirit is able to testify to the investigators of the truthfulness of our message. Our story with Pak Christian is the biggest miracle of my mission so far, but I will tell you guys when I skype you! This work is the best! Indonesia is the best! My mission is the best and you guys are the best! I love you!
Okay one funny story from this of our investigators who is Muslim, Ibu Sumatya took us to the Muslim school where one of the kids she Nanny's for goes to school because he wanted to meet us. She had us wait outside while she went and got him. She kept looking around and me and Sister Jibson were wondering why and then suddenly she pulled out a jilbob (the things they wear to cover thier hair) from her purse and stuck it on really quickly and then turned to us and told us you had to wear one to get into the school, then she went in, got the kid, and took it right off haha...classic!
Selamat Siang!
Dengan segenap hati,
Sister Reilly

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