Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Best week!

Ahh best week!! I wish all of you could have been at Pak Yakub's baptism, it was the best day of my mission so far...he is so awesome! After the service was over he came over to Sister Jibson and I and started crying and said he knew that God had led us to him and he didn't know where he would be without this. Of course Sister Jibson and I started crying too! He told us after Elder Headrick said amen and he closed his eyes to go under the water all he could see was light. His son Bryan was sooo cute! As soon as Pak Yakub changed into all white to be baptized, Bryan got so excited and could not wait to see his dad get baptized! After the service Bryan asked us when he could get baptized! Were hoping that Pak Yakub can baptize him in 2 weeks! We also had some of our other investigators come to the baptism and they really felt the spirit. There is nothing greater than seeing someone be changed through the atonement of Jesus Christ. He is the reason and the only way. I love my Savior and am so greatful for His atonement in my life and that I have been called to help others apply it more fully in thiers! Ahhh I love my mission!! Couldn't be happier! I love you all!! 

Pak Yakub's baptism!!

Our 50 mile bike ride!

Sister Reilly :)
Watch this!! ...

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