Sunday, February 23, 2014


This week was different, lot's of service for the people effected by the volcano, it was so cool to be able to see how the church responded and was able to help so many people! There was so many houses destroyed and ash just piled up everywhere! We got to go into the actual village and unload 3 trucks full of food and supplies for them! Lia was baptized yesterday and it was so awesome! She bore her testimony after and the spirit was so strong, I love her! I spent like all my email time today sending my email this week will mostly be through pictures :).

Went to the beach last Pday!! So sweet!

There was a craaazy rain storm and the streets were flooded in like 5 minutes! There were so many crazy kids playing in the water and asking me to take pictures of them haha!

Making packs/boxes of food for the people effected by the volcano and bringing it to them!

Okay I love you all, sorry if i didn't reply to everyone's email this week!!
Sister Reilly

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