Monday, January 6, 2014


Salamat town baru! Happy New Year! Wow, this week flew by! We had some difficulty this week meeting with some of our investigators because of New Years, but it was still a great week...just more opportunities to find more people and talk to everyone!! We had a party in our branch on Tuesday for New Years and we really wanted our investigator, Ibu Diah to come so she could get to know more of the members and just feel more comfortable, and she came! We had asked some of the ladies in our ward to try and befriend her and they were so awesome when she came. She had an awesome experience and we were so happy! Then we had a lesson with her on Saturday and our goal was to get her to come to church...on time. Last week she came, but she was really late and missed the sacrament because she went to her church before. She really wants to be baptized, and she knows this is the true church, but she is really tied to her old church and has many friends there. We talked to her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and focused on faith. We asked her if she would come to church again this Sunday and she said she would come after hers again. Then I just felt the spirit telling me to be straight up with her. I just told her, if this is the true church, then what else matters? I told her I know it was difficult, but if she is going to be baptized, she is going to need to leave her church. I told her that she would be so blessed if she trusted in the Lord and just came to His church this week and she promised us she would come. She came, and she was even early! It was such an awesome testimony meeting and she said she felt so happy there. It was awesome and we are so excited to see her be baptized on the 19th! Daniel had his baptismal interview yesterday and is ready to go for his baptism this week!! Yesterday in gospel principles he was answering all the questions and sounded like he had been a member his whole life! He is so amazing, we love him!
We are teaching two Muslim families right now and this week we had the idea of watching "finding faith in Christ" with them. That was so awesome! With both of the families the spirit was so strong. It is so amazing to be able to talk about the Savior to them and build their faith in him. Nothing is better than this work. Everyone needs the Savior in their lives. No matter what trials or challenges we have in our life...we can find hope and peace through Jesus Christ. Our burdens can be lifted and we can see change in our lives if we just turn to him. I love this gospel and I love these people and I love my mission!!

Sister Reilly

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