Monday, December 9, 2013

I LOVE Indonesia!!!

First week in Indonesia was AMAZING! I love it here so much!! The people here are so awesome, they are all so nice and friendly! I've been in Jakarta since I got here because I'm waiting for my Kitas (it's like an ID card that you have to have before you can travel around), but I will be flying to Malang on Wednesday or Thursday. My companion is flying in today, her name is Sister Suryani and I hear she is awesome! My mission president told me she works really hard and is a "baptizer" so I'm so excited!! He also said the work in Malang is pretty slow right now, so we're going to go there and pick it up!! My mission president and his wife are great!! Their accents are the best (they are from Australia)! I've been staying at the mission home and going out with the Sister trainer leaders and also some of the other Sisters serving in Jakarta and it has been amazing!! Ah, I love it so much! I've just been talking to everyone, especially on all the bus rides (which are crazy!)!! Sometimes I have no idea what people are saying to me, but somehow they end up with a pass along card and I end up with their number! haha! Dang, I love being on a mission and I love Indonesia! It is SO HOT crazy hot haha but it's all good! The food is soo good! I love it! 
Alright back to the people..they are so awesome. On Friday we taught an investigator Ibu Leli about faith in Jesus Christ and repentence and it was great. Her house was so tiny and she hardly has anything. She is so humbling and has a sincere desire to follow Christ and do what is right. When I got to testify to her about the atonement and how it can help her in her life it was one of the coolest experiences ever. This is the greatest work ever. I love getting to wear my name tag everyday and represent Jesus Christ. I can't help but talk to everyone! The language is crazy! People talk so fast and there's soo much I still need to learn, but I can understand a lot and say what I need. Not being able to understand everything just motivates me to study even harder...I want to be fluent! haha! The people here are amazed to see a tall, white girl with blonde hair here...and then I start speaking their language and they think it is crazy haha! It's so funny! They call white people "bules" and I can't count how many times I've heard that! The kids know a few English phrases and they will say stuff like..."hey Mister" "what your name" "were you go" hahah it is hilarious! The other day we were waiting for the bus and a bunch of kids ran by and jumped up to touch my hair (they all think my blonde hair is interesting)! 
The members here are so amazing! We ate at a member house the other day and their house was the size of my room at home. They fed us all and wanted us to keep eating and then take home stuff too (everyone here wants to feed you)...they had a whiteboard out and on it I could see they had written out their monthly expenses and calculated out their tithing for the month. These people hardly have anything but they are so happy and have so much faith. It is so humbling. We are so blessed. Seriously I have so much...I just want to give these people everything I have. This gospel is true. Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and restored the true church to the Earth. We have a living prophet of God on the Earth today. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. There is nothing better than what I am doing right now! I love these people! I love Indonesia...the heat and the complete craziness included!!! Sampai nanti! 
Sister Reilly

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