Thursday, October 31, 2013

I'm Alive!!


Finally got a Pday! Since we came into the MTC on Wednesday, we didn't get a Pday until today! Well, I'm loving it!! It is hard work, but it is so amazing. I'm a solo sister, which means I'm the only Sister going to Indonesia, so the three Elders in my district are my companions during the day and then in the morning/at night I have a companion. Last week my companion was Sister Guilamba, and I loved here so much! She is from Mozambique, Africa and she is serving in Madagascar. She was a solo Sister also, so it was perfect! She actually left with her district to Madagascar on Monday though, so now I'm in a trio with my 2 Sister training leaders who are going to Greece. They leave on Monday though, so then who knows who I'll be with! I love them both so much too! Almost everyone is from England, Wales, or France and they are all so awesome! I love them and their accents so much, ha! In my district there is me and my three companions, Elder Keal, Elder Mangum, and Elder Haws. Elder Haws and Mangum and going to INDO and Elder Keal is going to Malaysia, speaking Malay (which is almost exactly the same as Indonesian). There all three great and hilarious!

Okay, so now the good stuff...this work is seriously so amazing. We were taught a lesson in Indonesian the third day we were here! That would not be possible without help from our Father in heaven. I have learned so much and have so much more to learn, but I'm not even worried because I know through the spirit I can do anything. I've never felt the spirit so strong in my life, it is truly amazing, there not even words to describe it. What an amazing calling I have. I get to bring people unto Christ and change their lives. Everyone needs this gospel, everyone needs the atonement in their life and I get to bring that amazing blessing to the people of Indonesia. I seriously can't get enough. I am always walking around with my little notebook memorizing words and studying because I feel like I don't want to waste any time. God will answer our prayers if we kneel down and sincerely ask him, I can promise you that.We had a devotional on Tuesday and it was so good! Carlos Godey from the 70 spoke about his conversion story and connected it to preach my gospel principles. He talked about not judging others, because he was the last person you would think would want to hear about the gospel, but these two Sister missionaries asked him anyways and he has changes so many people's lives because of it. He served a mission, his kids have served missions, his grandchildren are serving missions...just think about how many lives are being changed because of those two Sister missionaries decision to ask if he wanted to learn about this gospel. THIS gospel is true, I know it more than I know anything else. This is hard work, but this is the Lords work and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. There is no greater calling. I love you all and miss you all so much!!! Saya tahu ini gereja adalah benar!

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Sister Reilly

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  1. Pretty sure Elder Godoy was in one of my areas in Brazil! Thank you for keeping us posted. Sid is going to touch hearts and change lives as she directs all of us to Christ by her light and example of faith. Love you Reillys!