Monday, January 19, 2015

Family is the pattern of Heaven!

Another amazing week in the sweet city of JAKARTA! :) A couple weeks ago I told you about Pak John, who we were super excited about when he came to church 2 weeks ago because he lives so far away. On Friday we came to teach and he asked "can I be baptized on Sunday?" Nothing better than hearing that! He will be baptized next Sunday! He has so much faith! Like I explained a few weeks ago, he has 7 children who have not yet married and still live at home. Last week he cried as he explained the hurt that has come to him because of the feelings of hate in his home. Him and his wife are really struggling with their relationship and none of his children go to church. He has faith that through the gospel of Jesus Christ His family relationships can be healed. Please pray that his family's hearts will be more open to hear and follow our message. I know that Pak John's example will bring a change in their home! We have some really awesome people set for the 1st of February for baptism! Please pray for Laura, Darrel, Stefani and Ita as they prepare to enter into the waters of baptism! This week I got a print out of the talk about "turning out" by David Bednar that changed my life in the MTC. I have seen how much happiness has come into my life as I have tried to take the counsel he gives in that talk to develop the character of CHRIST. I have soooo far to go, and it will be a lifelong journey, but I know as we strive to follow the Saviors example in ALL we think, say, and do, true joy will come into our lives and a new love for those around us will also fill out lives. I know that when we get on our knees, realize that we really are nothing, and tell the Lord that we will give ourselves to Him and His glory, we will see miracles happen in our lives and in the lives of His children. Thank you for the examples you are to me! Love you sooooo mcuh! :)
Sister Reilly

An awesome family of 5 we are teaching! The mom came to church yesterday!

Regan and Paige, are these pics good enough to make it on your blog?! :)

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